Cramp? Dehydration? Struggle in the heat?

Personalising your hydration strategy could help…

That’s because everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat – from as little as ~200mg/l to as much as 2,000mg/l – so a “one-size-fits-all” approach to staying hydrated just doesn’t work.

Visit the Sweat Test Zone to talk to one of Precision Hydration’s experts about your hydration strategy and take their FREE online Sweat Test to get started with personalising your hydration plan.

Or, if you really want to dial things in, book in for an Advanced Sweat Test to find out exactly how much sodium you lose in your sweat. PH will combine this data with info on how you train and compete to create a fully personalised hydration plan for you. It’s done at rest (no treadmill session required!) and it’s totally non-invasive (no needles!). How much salt you lose in your sweat is largely genetically determined, so you’ll only ever need one test in your life and you can adjust your new strategy online whenever you’re training for something new.

Book in advance and you’ll save 20% on the RRP, making fully nailing a crucial aspect of your performance just £75.

Spaces are limited and this is the only time in the year that PH’s Sweat Test is available in the Midlands, so it’s best to book early!

Book an Advanced Sweat Test

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