The Running School will be Running two different workshops on both Saturday & Sunday at the National Running Show:

Live Biomechanical Analysis

Observe a live biomechanical running analysis on a Running Show attendee. Discover how easy and efficient it can be to perform a full body video analysis on a runner to identify running technique patterns. We will show and talk you through the runner’s movement patterns, from both a sagittal view and a posterior view, and will link these movement patterns to potential injury and running inefficiency. This will be followed by a Question and Answer session.

Learning Points for those attending the session:

  • Learn about the movement patterns that may have contributed to the case study’s injury
  • Learn about the compensatory movement patterns that may be associated with past injury or habits
  • Learn about movement patterns that decrease running efficiency
  • Gain tips on how you can incorporate this into your training

Live Dynamic Movement Skills Workshop

Observe and participate in a live demonstration on how to re-educate motor patterns after injury and how they are being applied to Rehabilitation for Runners. See how to train the nervous system, how to warm-up and activate the key muscle groups that you need for running and how to re-train the movement patterns and the proprioceptive system after injury.

Learning Points for those attending the session:

  • Discover effective exercise-based rehab methods & techniques
  • Learn glute and hamstring activation techniques for rehab and performance
  • Learn how to interact with the ground so you can be lighter and faster when running
  • Get insights on how the Rehabilitation for Runners Programme works

The demo workshop will be restricted to 25 participants on a first come first served basis. Book your place early with The Running school to ensure you don’t miss out!

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