The aim of 12in12 is to be all inclusive and get everyone involved one way or another to help them become active and stay motivated, rather than just training or volunteering for one event and stopping after. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s ability is everyone can join in. You can walk, jog, run or volunteer at your chosen events. Volunteers are as equally important as event participants and it also gives anyone with an injury reason to stay involved by volunteering. The events need to be over a set distance and timed, they can be virtual and a 12in12’er can record their own event if they are unable to get to an organised event. We are trying to make it as flexible as possible to fit into any life. We have two qualified coaches and an active online community which is growing. Through the coaches and community we aim to give support and encouragement that will hopefully keep people on board to start a second 12in12 when they’ve completed their first, they can then also see improvements in their ability by looking back at their recorded achievements.

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