Go Faster Food was created in 2009 by Kate Percy, author of the best selling Go Faster Food recipe books and Food Guru for Great Run, Athletics Weekly and 220 Triathlon magazine. Kate Percy’s Go Bites are totally tasty bite-sized energy balls made from 100% natural ingredients. Based on Kate’s simple ethos that ‘Real Food Fuels You Better’, they’re nutritionally balanced for before, during and after workout or to fuel your busy day. Not only are they very tasty, Go Bites are also vegan-friendly, gluten and dairy free and contain no added sugar!

With three balls in a packet, and three delicious flavours to choose from: Date & Coconut, Apricot & Seed & Hazelnut & Cacao (also a source of protein). A brand with a strong social purpose, 10% of net profits from Go Bites are put back into Go Faster Food’s education programme

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